Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Week 5

Daisyʻs Week 5 Pday Email - Received 1/19/16

This has been a crazy week! so i got a new companion, Hermana Hawkins. I love her so much and we get along so well! However, she has a lot of health problems and I had to stay at the hospital with her for 36 hours. It was a long and rough night, and I got relieved.  Now I am on a companionship exchange. I am so exhausted! On Sunday my companion fainted 3x and luckily i was able to catch her ever time. She has mini seizures and I get really worried and scared. Its difficult for the both of us, but I know that she will get through this rough patch. Thinks are great though. On Sunday I sang at the MTC devotional again. Hermana Tanuvasa and I sang a mash up of 2 songs which were "I know that my Redeemer Lives" and "I feel my Saviors Love." It was so last minute, but it still sounded amazing! I figured out that the only way I can really relieve my stress is when I sing. I am so glad that I grew up surrounded by music. My language is getting really really good now. In my last investigator I taught about the Restoration and Joseph Smith and when I bore my testimony the spirit was so strong and I began crying, and then I made everyone else cry, it was great! I seriously love being a missionary and I finally feel so comfortable sharing the gospel with anyone. I love that I am always on a spiritual high 24/7. I love it here in the MTC, but cannot wait to get to Oregon! 2 more weeks here and then I will be out on the real mission field! I miss and love you all and pray for each of you daily! I know that the Lord will help us through everything! Moroni 8:3 (my favorite scripture! hope you enjoy!)

Hermana Aiwohi

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