Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Week 5

Daisyʻs Week 5 Pday Email - Received 1/19/16

This has been a crazy week! so i got a new companion, Hermana Hawkins. I love her so much and we get along so well! However, she has a lot of health problems and I had to stay at the hospital with her for 36 hours. It was a long and rough night, and I got relieved.  Now I am on a companionship exchange. I am so exhausted! On Sunday my companion fainted 3x and luckily i was able to catch her ever time. She has mini seizures and I get really worried and scared. Its difficult for the both of us, but I know that she will get through this rough patch. Thinks are great though. On Sunday I sang at the MTC devotional again. Hermana Tanuvasa and I sang a mash up of 2 songs which were "I know that my Redeemer Lives" and "I feel my Saviors Love." It was so last minute, but it still sounded amazing! I figured out that the only way I can really relieve my stress is when I sing. I am so glad that I grew up surrounded by music. My language is getting really really good now. In my last investigator I taught about the Restoration and Joseph Smith and when I bore my testimony the spirit was so strong and I began crying, and then I made everyone else cry, it was great! I seriously love being a missionary and I finally feel so comfortable sharing the gospel with anyone. I love that I am always on a spiritual high 24/7. I love it here in the MTC, but cannot wait to get to Oregon! 2 more weeks here and then I will be out on the real mission field! I miss and love you all and pray for each of you daily! I know that the Lord will help us through everything! Moroni 8:3 (my favorite scripture! hope you enjoy!)

Hermana Aiwohi

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Week 4

Week 4 Email from Daisy - Received 1/14/16

ALOHA fam and friends,
wow, this has been an amazing week! the days have just gone by faster and faster. I am learning so much. The Lord really does work miracles. I can basically speak anything to do with the gospel in Spanish, but when it comes to anything else I cannot. it's so funny how things work! everyday is amazing and the mtc almost feels like home, but not quite. new missionaries come and leave every week. some of my best friends left this past week, it was a little hard saying goodbye. I have made so many friends here and my district is like my family! so one of the big events this week was...I got another companion...yes, again! so now i am not in a trio and my new companion is Hermana Hawkins. she was supposed to leave this week to go to her mission in Washington, but because of her health they extended her stay 2 more weeks in the mtc. she fainted 4 times last week and she often gets dizzy, and is weak, but she is amazing. she is such a strong person and has so much love for this gospel that she is willing to do anything to continue on to her mission. going home is not an option for her. I love my new companion and it honestly was a blessing from God that I have her since my previous companion was not the greatest. I try to help her as much as I can like carry her bags or book, grab her meals for her, let her hold on to me while we walk, and comfort her as much as i can. everyone has said that i am such a great companion for her because I'm always happy. i guess when she was with her old companion who left, she was always sad, but now with me she is always cheerful. it is true though, i always have a happy spirit and a bright smile on my face. i love my companion, Hermana Hawkins so much, and i would really appreciate it if you could pray that she may be healthy. everyday we go to the mtc doctors, and they still don't know whatʻs wrong with her, i just wish i could do anything to make her all better again. anyways, i had my worse teaching experience was bad!!!!!! so i wanted to share a scripture that helped me confirm that serving a mission was the lords plan for me, but i totally said the wrong chapter and verse and our investigator read it, and gave this weird face. i didn't realize it was the wrong scripture till the investigator started reading it! it was talking about destructing if you didn't repent. my companion and I tried so hard not to laugh, and when she finished reading, i just completely went along with it and just said yup so when you read the book of Mormon you will feel the spirit, and we ended our lesson. yup, it was so embarrassing! I am having so much fun here and i miss each of you dearly. have a great week!
Hermana Aiwohi

Daisy with the Packages we sent her via
They are awesome!!  We are so glad we found out about this site.  You can send Daisy letters free that they print and deliver to her the next day.  Just email:  Put Sis Daisy Aiwohi in the subject and just send your letter.  You can even include pictures.  They will print it in black and white and deliver it to her.  She loves hearing from all of you so take advantage of this service while sheʻs in the Mexico MTC!!  Mahalo to those who already have!

Her district enjoying the Krispy Kreme donuts we sent her.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Week 3

First:  Just wanted to add what the Ward ordered for Daisy.  They are starting to do this for all missionaries serving from our ward.  It will be hanging at church and given to Daisy when she returns.  

This week we had a little scare when we didnʻt hear from Daisy on her normal PDay.  We knew she was  in good hands but as a mom I couldnʻt help but wonder if she was ok.  I had to pray and just trust in the Lord and have faith that all was well.  Then 2 days later we got this email!  We were so happy to hear from her.

Week 3 Email from Daisy:

Subject: My Pday got Switched

Hey everyone!
I'm so sorry that I didn't email you guys on Tuesday. I was looking forward to having my day off and getting to talk to you guys, but around 8PM Mondaynight, someone from the MTC presidency told us that our Pday would be switched to Thursday. Im not sure if its every changed to every Thursday now, but I was so bummed that it got changed. It was because everyone in my district except me and one other person needed to get their visa stuff because their missions are in Mexico. But yeah it was really confusing, but I am just so glad that now I get to email you guys! Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR! feliz ano nuevo! I just sent a bunch of letter home to you guys, but it will probably take 2 weeks before you guys get it. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun! I wish I could have popped some fireworks and watched to ball drop. The Mexicans here love fireworks! Every night theirs firework shows, but on new years it was so crazy. They were blowing stuff up all day long. It sounded like I was in the Hunger Games. You know when their in the arena and when someone dies that boom sound goes off...yeah that's exactly what it sounds like every day! So this Sunday a group of us Polys sang at our devotional! I love music so much and it definitely brings the spirit. The 7 of us sang Love at Home. verse one in Spanish, verse 2 in Tongan, and verse 3 in English. It was so beautiful and I started crying while we were singing because the spirit was so strong. The MTC president, Tenorio loved our musical number and asked if we could do more numbers throughout my remaining time here. I am completely better from when I was sick last week. I think it was dehydration. Another big new is that I got one more companion and now Im in a trio! I love it so much. So my regular companion is Hermana Terry, and now I have Hermana Jolley. We were friends before and we just get along so well! She is my favorite and I'm kind of sad that just in 3 more weeks we will be leaving the Mexico MTC. My district also joined the choir and on Tuesday's devotional we sang As Sister in Zion, Well Bring the World His Truth in Spanish. It was so awesome. Everyone know me as the Hawaiian girl whos name is really hard to pronouce, who is always cold and wearing a snow coat, and who can sing. I love the MTC so much and getting to meet all sorts of people is so much fun! The days have gone by so quickly, Im loosing track of the days. My spanish is getting really good and I know that el don de lenguas es verdadero, the gift of tounges is true. Yo se que el evanjelio es verdadero y el profeta, Thomas S. Monson, es de lider para todos personas. I have mucho amor por Jesucristo y nosotros. Grasias por su oracions y bendices. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. I love you all and will email you next week! 

Luckily, despite the delay in her Pday email, we actually got her first Traditional Letter from her in the Mailbox on Monday.  So when we didnʻt hear from her, via email, we at least got to read and re-read her letters she sent.  Hereʻs some pics of that.  Sheʻs really such a sweetheart!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Daisy's Mission - Week 2

Letter from Daisy, received on 12/29/15

Hey everyone!
I just got back from the Mexico temple, and it was amazing! Each temple experience is extraordinary. Anyways it´s easier for me to send my group email to my parents and then they FWD it to everyone else, but week 2 here in the MTC has been so much fun. On Christmas I got to call my family and it was the best gift of all. That entire day we had special activities and a world wide Q and A devotional with Elder Bednar. It was quite different from my usual Christmas experiences, but it was still special. On Saturday the 26th, I got sick! It first started off as a headache and then dizziness, but then I got send to the infirmary and I had a high fever and then also threw up a coupe of times. The plus side was that my companion and I got to skip our class, I didn´t have to do a couple of assignments, and I got actually got to sleep for more than 8 hours. I am all better now, so that good! The missionary life is quite hectic, 16 hour days of full on learning is a big adjustment for me. Anyways everyday I´m getting better and better at Spanish. It does get frustrating at times, but I know that through time it will just get easier and easier. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ and I love this gospel so much. I hope to read all of your emails and hopefully reply back as soon as possible. I love hearing the love and support you each have for me. I miss each of you and hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you much joy and success in this upcoming new year. 
Herman Aiwohi

In front of the Mexico City Temple

All of the Polys in the Mexico MTC

Sister Tanuvasa, also from  Hawaii, Daisy's new BFF on Christmas Day

Hermana Jolley and I outside of the temple.  She's going to New Mexico