Sunday, December 27, 2015

Daisy's Mission - Week 1

Week 1:
First Email we got from Daisy while she was in MTC (to the group)

Hola family and friends!
This has been an amazing week in the Mexico MTC! I now understand why missionaries like never have time! As soon as I got here, I was immediately put to work! Everyday I have a specific schedule and I feel like there is no time! I have been learning so much Spanish already! El don de lenguas (the gift of tounges) really does work! I have seen and felt the love of God multiples times each day. My faith and testimony has only increased. I love being here and feel each of you prayers. Everyone here speaks Spanish, so it kind of forces me to learn the language. I can usually understand what my teachers and investigators are saying which is truly a miracle. I also thought that it would be very hot here in Mexico, but actually its cold! Sometimes I wear my snow coat everywhere and people look at me funny, but its totally ok haha! Hermana Tanuvasa from Oahu is my favorite person here at the MTC. It is so nice to just have that aloha spirit with someone else. I am so glad that we will be going to the same mission. I love this gospel so much and know that He is the real reason for this season. I hope that as we each celebrate Christmas this week that we remember Him and perhaps give up something for the Lord because He has sacrificed so much for us. My companions name is Hermana Terry. She is from Utah and will be serving in the Mexico Merida Mission. I am in Distrect 8A and love meeting more and more missionaries. Christmas here in the MTC will be wonderful! We will not be having any classes and will be having several devotionals and even get to watch a movie! Thank you for all of your love and support. I cant wait to get to Oregon and serve the people there. Al que cree, todo le es posible, To him that beliveth, all things are possible. I love and miss you all and hope you have a wonderful Christmas season!
Hermana Aiwohi
Met up with Elder Feangai and Sister Tanuvasa on Oahu and flew to Mexico together.  We were so blessed to get this pic txt to us from the LAX airport from Sis Tanuvasa's parents.
Got her Name Tag... It's Real!!

Her District in MTC

Reviving the Family Blog / Daisy Pre-Mission

Well, it's sure been sometime since I've blogged anything here.  I might upload past events & activities just to fill in the gaps -  no promises tho!  For now, however, I will be trying to keep a record of Daisy's mission progress, mainly for her benefit when she returns.  In the meantime, those of you who are interested can likewise be updated on her Mission happs!

Some background information:
Daisy graduated in May 2014 from Kamehameha and went to BYU Idaho for a year.  This is where she decided she wanted to go on a mission.  She received her mission call in Sept 2015 and was called to serve a spanish speaking mission in Salem, Oregon.  She went through the Laie Temple for her own endowments in October.  She was set apart as a missionary on Dec 15, 2015 and went straight to the airport to catch her flight.  She reported to the Mexico MTC on Dec. 16.  We are so proud of her decision to serve the Lord and for her spirit and testimony.  She truly has grown to be an amazing young woman / adult and we couldn't be prouder.

A hui hou Hermana Aiwohi - We love you and know you will do well!