Sunday, January 3, 2016

Daisy's Mission - Week 2

Letter from Daisy, received on 12/29/15

Hey everyone!
I just got back from the Mexico temple, and it was amazing! Each temple experience is extraordinary. Anyways it´s easier for me to send my group email to my parents and then they FWD it to everyone else, but week 2 here in the MTC has been so much fun. On Christmas I got to call my family and it was the best gift of all. That entire day we had special activities and a world wide Q and A devotional with Elder Bednar. It was quite different from my usual Christmas experiences, but it was still special. On Saturday the 26th, I got sick! It first started off as a headache and then dizziness, but then I got send to the infirmary and I had a high fever and then also threw up a coupe of times. The plus side was that my companion and I got to skip our class, I didn´t have to do a couple of assignments, and I got actually got to sleep for more than 8 hours. I am all better now, so that good! The missionary life is quite hectic, 16 hour days of full on learning is a big adjustment for me. Anyways everyday I´m getting better and better at Spanish. It does get frustrating at times, but I know that through time it will just get easier and easier. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ and I love this gospel so much. I hope to read all of your emails and hopefully reply back as soon as possible. I love hearing the love and support you each have for me. I miss each of you and hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you much joy and success in this upcoming new year. 
Herman Aiwohi

In front of the Mexico City Temple

All of the Polys in the Mexico MTC

Sister Tanuvasa, also from  Hawaii, Daisy's new BFF on Christmas Day

Hermana Jolley and I outside of the temple.  She's going to New Mexico


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