Monday, February 8, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Week 8

Daisy at Cape Kiwanda (on the Oregon Coast)

Pday Email Received on: 2/8/16
Subject:  OREGON

Hey everyone!
I made it to Oregon! and wow it is beautiful here! I feel like I am in the movie twilight everywhere I go. My mission president are the Samuelian's. They are the best! The 3 of us that came from the Mexico MTC got to spend extra time with them at the mission home (3 days and 2 nights) so we got to get to know them very well. They took us to the Portland temple and then to Cape Kiwanda (on the Oregon coast) to see the big rock. Aka the logo of the Oregon Salem Mission. It was so neat. We buried our fears there and together are beginning this new journey. It made me think of the scripture Helaman 5:12 - that the rock is our Redeemer and we need to stand firmly on that foundation so that nothing can bring us down.

Funny story about this scripture, Helaman 5:12. I never really liked it and thought it had no significance. In seminary I struggled memorizing it and didn't even memorize all of (I know, pretty sad). I was re-reading my farewell talk like a week ago I talked a lot about this scripture and about having trust and faith to overcome any fear (crazy right?). And then, in the MTC majority of my district wanted to memorized Helaman 5:12 together, except for me. However we still did, but I had a negative attitude about it (wait for it). And then I come to Oregon and BAM! this same exact scripture comes up again and literally slaps me in the face! now this scripture is of great significance and importance in my life. I now see that God wants me to fully trust Him, to let go of my fears, and let Him help me. All of this was like divine intervention from God. So cool though!

Anyways in my interview with President Samuelian he talked about Maui and how he believes when Christ came to the Americas, that he also specifically walked on Maui. He said he could fee/sense the strong spirit and love that I bring from the islands. It was so neat being with him and I'm actually sad that they are being released in June of this year! 

My companion and trainer is Hermana DeRobles. Apparently we went to SOAR the exact same week, but never met each other! Crazy stuff! But she is the sweetest! We get along very well and I love her!

My area is Wood Burn, Oregon. I am in the Wood Burn 3rd Spanish Speaking Branch. It's this super tiny cute branch and the people are so loving. I met Mahonri's friends here and it was so nice to get that link to home through them. They say that I look exactly like Mahonri. I'm just so happy that Mahonri cares about me and is looking out for me. I was struggling for like a day just because of all the adjustment, but when I got to meet my brother's friends it brought comfort to my soul. 

Teaching is great here. My Spanish is only improving each day. I get to teach in English and Spanish which is pretty fun! We have 4 main investigators and one is getting baptized in 2 weeks@ so exciting!

Life is great here and I am enjoying every moment. Thank you for all the prayers and love. I love all you and miss you! Never loose your faith and trust in Him!

Hermana Aiwohi

My new Mission Address:

Hermana Daisy K H Aiwohi
1601 North Front Street Apt. 263
Woodburn, OR 97071

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Bonus Pics

Feb 7, 2016 Update:  
This week was a week of transition for Daisy.  She traveled back into the US and left Mexico.  The 3 of them from the Mexico MTC going to Salem traveled through LAX where they got to see the Tanuvasas.  As they made their way to Portland, they got to go to the Portland Temple and meet their mission president, President Samuelian and wife.  He sent us pics of that as well as pics with her new companion, Sister DeRobles.  

 We were fortunate to get pre-pday pics from the Tanuvasas as they traveled via LAX
Elder Ford, Daisy and Sister Taylor Tanuvasa - A hui hou!!

 First Mission Mug Shot - lol... Jk!  We LOVE our Missionary!!

President and Sister Samuelian in front of the Portland Temple

Godʻs new Army in Salem Oregon!  Go forth and Serve!!

Daisy with her mission Trainer, Sister DeRobles from Rancho Cucamonga, California

Super cool bonus pic from Noah Te, (left) Mahonriʻs friend from SOAR that texted him this pic today and said, "Look who I met!" What a wonderful coincidence.  He also told Ri that thereʻs a local family in the ward.  Hope Daisy meets them soon!!

Hereʻs the letter that we got from the Mission President.  Figured Iʻd post it for Daisy in the future.


Dear Brother and Sister  

Sister Samuelian and I were so pleased to get to know your missionary.  Shortly following her arrival, I interviewed her.  She is most impressive and will be a real asset to the Oregon Salem Mission!  Out of all the assignments a Mission President has, none are taken more seriously than the assignment of their first companion and trainer.  With inspiration from our Heavenly Father, your missionary has been assigned to labor in the Woodburn Spanish Branch.   Her trainer is Sister  DeRobles from Rancho Cucamonga, California, a seasoned and well respected missionary.

We have attached a photo of them both … they will make a very good team in the Lord’s service.

We thank you once again for raising such a wonderful young  woman.  She will be a good missionary.  We will take good care of her as will the Lord.

Kind Regards,

President Michael Samuelian
Sister LuAnn Samuelian
Oregon Salem Mission

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Week 7

2/1/16:  So we didnʻt realize that we would be hearing from Daisy on a Monday.  So far her Pdays have caught us off guard on a few occasions but we pretty much knew it would be on a Tuesday or a Thursday.  We didnʻt expect to hear from her today, although we are very glad since we knew tomorrow, Tuesday 2/2/16 would be her travel day leaving the Mexico MTC and flying to Salem Oregon.  Anyway, weʻre grateful to have gotten these pictures and to have heard from her on her LAST DAY at the MTC.  Enjoy her pics, captions and email below!

thank you so much for the donuts mom! I love you so much! 

Heading to Salem, Oregon!!

Zone 8

Hermana Tanuvasa and I

my branch, with Presidente Fisk

Goodbyes have always been hard for me and I don´t think they will get any easier. The least I could do was make the candy leis for them.
my district with my 2 morning teachers, Hermana Barraza y Hermano Medina
Hermana Terry and I with my afternoon teacher, Hermano Cayetano (he was my favorite teacher)
 Sisters in District 8

 Elders in District 8

Our Missionary!!  We sure do love her!

Email received on 2/1/16

Aloha family and friends!

I can´t believe how fast the time has gone. Today is my last day here in the Mexico MTC. I leave early tomorrow morning and should be getting to Oregon tomorrow night. I have a ton of emotions right now and I don´t know if Iʻm more excited or nervous to get out on the mission field. This week I´ve had a ton of orientations and training that will help when I leave the MTC. It´s been really hard saying goodbye to everyone, especially my district and teachers. We had a testimony meeting Sunday evening with all the missionaries leaving this week. It was so nice hearing the testimonies from so many of my good friends and seeing each of them grow and strengthen that light of Christ within them. I got homesick because saying goodbye to everyone here at the MTC reminded me of when I once, not too long ago, left and said goodbye to all of you. I know though that He will lift us from our trials and burdens if we continue to have faith and trust in Him. At Sacrament Meeting I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, and my district sang "We´ll Bring the World His Truth." My branch has given me so much support and help and I wish that we could all just go to the same mission. I also made a ton of candy leis, and everyone enjoyed them. I loved my experience here at the Mexico MTC, but can´t wait for what the future has for me. I hope that each of you had an amazing week, and thank you for all the emails, letters, and love. I know that there is no greater thing that I could be doing right now than sharing this true gospel to the world. I miss and love each of you!

Con amor,
Hermana Aiwohi

Monday, February 1, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Week 6

Hereʻs some pictures that Daisy shared with us on her Pday 1/26/16 - her LAST week at the Mexico MTC.  I am including her comments she sent with the pictures.  Also, her email for this week is below.  We are so grateful for this opportunity for her to serve and are so proud of all of her hard work and efforts.  Enjoy this update from our missionary in Mexico!

we tried to do like the beetles cover thing haha. This is hermana Laub, Tanuvasa, me, and Terry.

Hermana Laub and I during gym time

my district 8A and district 7A took a tour around the entire MTC today. we are the only 2 districts leaving this coming week. we are all so close and its sad that we have to separate

 I love my rain boots!

Elder Powell, Hermana Terry, me, and Elder Ayers (half of my district)

Hermana Terry, Tanuvasa, and Laub tried to carry me for the pic, but as you can didnt go to well haha

Elder Feagai (Uncle Ben´s nephew) who left yesterday, I made him a lei. Really going to miss him!

Hermana Mederios came this past week to the Mexico MTC! Its so funny that were both here! Were really good friends! She says to tell all of you Hi

Hermana Tanuvasa and I. Were so excited to go to Oregon on Tuesday!

Email Sent 1/26/16
Subject: Ultimo Semana aki en el CCM (Last Week here in the MTC)

Hey everyone!
This has been a crazy week! Most of the missionaries that reported the same day as me all left this past Monday! One was Elder Micah Feagai, who was with me from day 1. I got crafty and made these ghetto candy lei, but everyone still loved them! I seriously cannot believe that I am leaving the MTC in exactly one week! I love it so much here, especially the people. My district is like my family and even thought I really want to get to Oregon, saying goodbyes are the hardest! My sick companion Hermana Hawkins had a really rough week. We stayed in the hospital for 3 more days and eventually she had to get a pace maker and they immediately sent her home. It was so sad, but I got word from her though that she is seeing doctors everyday so that she can recover and then get back to her mission. She was my favorite companion so far. Even though there were a lot of issues and I was only her companion for a little over a week, I grew to love her so much! Thank you so much for your prayers and help! The days have been going by so fast and I can barely keep track of what day it is. In my district we set a goal to only speak Spanish from 9AM-6PM, and I was so amazed at how much Spanish I actually know. I can usually say what I want to, it may not be in the correct form of grammar, but it´s still so fascinating how much I have learned in just 6.5 weeks here! This past week we got a new batch of missionaries, and I met Hermana Mederios! She knows the Kaaa´s and was my cousin Lindsey´s roommate at BYU! I am so happy that I met her! Anyways this week we have a lot of orientations and testings before we go out to the mission field. I am so excited, but a little nervous. I am so grateful that I have Hermana Tanuvasa who is going to the same mission as I. Overall another amazing week here in Mexico! Thank you so much for all your letters through MissionaryPackageMx! I get so happy when I get all of your letters and pictures! Thank you for all your love! I miss each of you! Hope all is well at home!

Hermana Aiwohi

This is my mission address

Hermana Daisy K H Aiwohi
Oregon Salem Mission
700 Deborah Rd. Ste. 260
Newberg, OR 97132
United States