Monday, February 8, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Week 8

Daisy at Cape Kiwanda (on the Oregon Coast)

Pday Email Received on: 2/8/16
Subject:  OREGON

Hey everyone!
I made it to Oregon! and wow it is beautiful here! I feel like I am in the movie twilight everywhere I go. My mission president are the Samuelian's. They are the best! The 3 of us that came from the Mexico MTC got to spend extra time with them at the mission home (3 days and 2 nights) so we got to get to know them very well. They took us to the Portland temple and then to Cape Kiwanda (on the Oregon coast) to see the big rock. Aka the logo of the Oregon Salem Mission. It was so neat. We buried our fears there and together are beginning this new journey. It made me think of the scripture Helaman 5:12 - that the rock is our Redeemer and we need to stand firmly on that foundation so that nothing can bring us down.

Funny story about this scripture, Helaman 5:12. I never really liked it and thought it had no significance. In seminary I struggled memorizing it and didn't even memorize all of (I know, pretty sad). I was re-reading my farewell talk like a week ago I talked a lot about this scripture and about having trust and faith to overcome any fear (crazy right?). And then, in the MTC majority of my district wanted to memorized Helaman 5:12 together, except for me. However we still did, but I had a negative attitude about it (wait for it). And then I come to Oregon and BAM! this same exact scripture comes up again and literally slaps me in the face! now this scripture is of great significance and importance in my life. I now see that God wants me to fully trust Him, to let go of my fears, and let Him help me. All of this was like divine intervention from God. So cool though!

Anyways in my interview with President Samuelian he talked about Maui and how he believes when Christ came to the Americas, that he also specifically walked on Maui. He said he could fee/sense the strong spirit and love that I bring from the islands. It was so neat being with him and I'm actually sad that they are being released in June of this year! 

My companion and trainer is Hermana DeRobles. Apparently we went to SOAR the exact same week, but never met each other! Crazy stuff! But she is the sweetest! We get along very well and I love her!

My area is Wood Burn, Oregon. I am in the Wood Burn 3rd Spanish Speaking Branch. It's this super tiny cute branch and the people are so loving. I met Mahonri's friends here and it was so nice to get that link to home through them. They say that I look exactly like Mahonri. I'm just so happy that Mahonri cares about me and is looking out for me. I was struggling for like a day just because of all the adjustment, but when I got to meet my brother's friends it brought comfort to my soul. 

Teaching is great here. My Spanish is only improving each day. I get to teach in English and Spanish which is pretty fun! We have 4 main investigators and one is getting baptized in 2 weeks@ so exciting!

Life is great here and I am enjoying every moment. Thank you for all the prayers and love. I love all you and miss you! Never loose your faith and trust in Him!

Hermana Aiwohi

My new Mission Address:

Hermana Daisy K H Aiwohi
1601 North Front Street Apt. 263
Woodburn, OR 97071

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