Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daisyʻs Mission - Bonus Pics

Feb 7, 2016 Update:  
This week was a week of transition for Daisy.  She traveled back into the US and left Mexico.  The 3 of them from the Mexico MTC going to Salem traveled through LAX where they got to see the Tanuvasas.  As they made their way to Portland, they got to go to the Portland Temple and meet their mission president, President Samuelian and wife.  He sent us pics of that as well as pics with her new companion, Sister DeRobles.  

 We were fortunate to get pre-pday pics from the Tanuvasas as they traveled via LAX
Elder Ford, Daisy and Sister Taylor Tanuvasa - A hui hou!!

 First Mission Mug Shot - lol... Jk!  We LOVE our Missionary!!

President and Sister Samuelian in front of the Portland Temple

Godʻs new Army in Salem Oregon!  Go forth and Serve!!

Daisy with her mission Trainer, Sister DeRobles from Rancho Cucamonga, California

Super cool bonus pic from Noah Te, (left) Mahonriʻs friend from SOAR that texted him this pic today and said, "Look who I met!" What a wonderful coincidence.  He also told Ri that thereʻs a local family in the ward.  Hope Daisy meets them soon!!

Hereʻs the letter that we got from the Mission President.  Figured Iʻd post it for Daisy in the future.


Dear Brother and Sister  

Sister Samuelian and I were so pleased to get to know your missionary.  Shortly following her arrival, I interviewed her.  She is most impressive and will be a real asset to the Oregon Salem Mission!  Out of all the assignments a Mission President has, none are taken more seriously than the assignment of their first companion and trainer.  With inspiration from our Heavenly Father, your missionary has been assigned to labor in the Woodburn Spanish Branch.   Her trainer is Sister  DeRobles from Rancho Cucamonga, California, a seasoned and well respected missionary.

We have attached a photo of them both … they will make a very good team in the Lord’s service.

We thank you once again for raising such a wonderful young  woman.  She will be a good missionary.  We will take good care of her as will the Lord.

Kind Regards,

President Michael Samuelian
Sister LuAnn Samuelian
Oregon Salem Mission

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